I’m not sure if I should thank CEO and Principal of South & City College Birmingham, Mike Hopkins, or not !! It is he who introduced me to Geoff Thomas, Cure Leukaemia and THE TOUR 21 and then suggested I take on this challenge !!

Only Joking Mike !!!

I’ve known him for many years, he has always been generous, informative and a good friend, The one thing I have learnt about Mike is he is a great judge of character, so if he puts his head above the parapet in telling not just me but THE TOUR 21 that I can ride the Tour De France route, mountains and all, and that I will be able to raise the £30,000 I will contribute to the £1,000,000 target, then I fully trust that opinion.

But it’s not just Mike at SCCB I need to thank. Others in his team that I have met through social functions, especially Latifa, Steve, and Andy the Transport Manager, also deserve thanks for the help and support they give. Through Mike I know I have the backing of of a great organisation that is serving the youth of Birmingham, bringing them opportunities that would not be available to them if it were not for the SCCB team.

Take a look at SCCB here