When I signed up for the Tour 21, without doubt raising £30,000 was going to be far harder than the ride would ever be. For me a retired nurse with zero corporate contacts £3,000 would be hard enough. Today I rode the penultimate stage already having raise nearly £26,000.

If only raising £30000 was as easy as this 40k time trail ride, a nice down hill for most, and a couple of sharp hills to finish. Having seen snippets of the Tour so far, this could be a deciding stage, Tom Pidcock has shown he can ride the descents and I am sure he will be awesome in the Pyrenees, he may even take the lead by a narrow margin, making this Time Trial a race winning stage for one of the riders. I am awe of what they do on the Tour, how they can race and cover the distance at the speed they do is unbelievable, day after day the race is on, I can understand the elation they have if lucky enough to win a stage knowing how I have felt just to finish the day.

After the ride today an 8 hour coach ride into Paris, time to think as we pass through the French countryside. Think not about the ride but of all the support I have had. At the start I knew it would be hard to raise that £30,000, Geoff said “to raise this sort of money you have to do something extraordinary, and the Tour de France is Extraordinary”. Yeah – great Geoff but how does that translate to £30k. Andy told me to break it down ‘we need 3,000 random people to give £10’ he said, then a £50 would be donated – ‘ that’s 5 Randoms’ he’d say and each small donation adds up.

Each donation has meant so much to me but the ones for Simon the most, each £3 given #ForSimon was worth £30,000 to me, and then there was the £30 donation, or the £33, then £103, even would you believe a £333. Friends have given so much, ‘Randoms’ those amazing people whom I have never met who have been inspired by my story to give to Cure Leukaemia, I wish I could go up to every one of them and give them a hug. I could mention so many, but I will choose just 5 who thought my experience have supported, encouraged, donated and give me so much positivity they deserve to be mentioned.

GARY – STOP DONATING !! give someone else an chance, every time I don’t expect it there is a message from Gary telling me how well I’m doing, That I’m fantastic, and he gives another £100 to Cure Leukaemia. THANK YOU so much Gary, you are the most generous kind hearted person I know.

IAN and NIKKI – You too have given so much, but it is you support for me that I want to thank you for. You both have done all you could to spread my story, to tell everyone what I was doing. Over the last 8 months you have made me believe I could do this, and what a wonderful sight it was to see you at the Alp D’Huez. Please next time you have a glass of champagne – don’t raise the glass to me… raise it to yourselves, you deserve it. You have been amazing !!

LOZ and ALI at every event we have done to push the fundraising you have been at the heart of the organisation, the technical support you have given, being there to shake a tin, at every stage of the fundraising and every Stage of the race you have been there for me, supporting and encouraging me. Andy and I could not have done this without you. Who else could convince Bradley Wiggins to record a message for me except Loz and Andy. Thank to for coming to the Alps and thank you for coming to see me in Paris – No arguments- tomorrow’s meal is on me.

Everyone has given so much to support me and Cure Leukaemia, and our long journey in to Paris today has given me chance to soak that all in – You have all been superb.


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