No cycling today, we have been our transfer from Hamburg to Dunkirk, so not much to talk about on the Tour ride. The day started with some bad news on my bike, the shop in Hamburg didn’t open until 11:00am and with a 10 hour transfer a head of us we could not afford to wait for them to open. The good news however was that Graham and Hayden found another shop in Essen, a little off our route but close enough not to delay them too much in the van. When they got there, SUCCESS !!, Thanks to Mario. Tonight Graham will fit the new part and swap the bottle cages back on to my Trek, I’ll hopefully get a test spin before Stage 4 tomorrow.

Whilst we are not riding the work of the Tour 21 team continues, the main bit of news is that we already have 100 applicants to ride in next years event. Hopefully there are plenty of women this time. When I thought about riding in the team, one of the reasons was to inspire other women to take part, The Tour De France this year has a woman’s Tour of 8 Stages, but I want women to know they can take on the full 21 stages if they want to. If you are thinking ‘Could I do that?” then you need is a focus on the most important thing which is raising £1,000,000 for Cure Leukaemia. If you are committed to that then you don’t need a super strength or previous racing experience, you just need to ride a bike, put in the training miles and don’t worry if you think its for the youngsters, age is no boundary at 60 I am the oldest rider here.

The support and encouragement you will get on the team is unbeatable, I’m treated like a pro rider everyday, there is nothing for me to worry about apart from riding the bike. Over the last few days whilst I have had the problems with my Trek, all the stress and worry has been taken away, so I can concentrate on riding. We have a physio back up, and even though my injuries from my fall we small, Rhia has been making sure everything is right to make sure I am fully recovered as soon as possible.

So if you are sitting there thinking ‘I love to do that’ but worried that you are too old, not strong enough or there will be too much to think about. Go to the website The Tour 21 – Cure Leukaemia you might not get a second chance, take this one whilst it is there.

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