2 Months To Go – Upping the Mileage

Today is just 2 months from the start of my Tour de France challenge, on June 24th I and 18 others will be cycling around the streets of Copenhagen on the first stage of 21 gruelling efforts on the way to Paris. By the end we hope to have raised £1,000,000 for Cure Leukaemia.

From now on the mileage will pick up with back to back long rides like my rides on Friday and Saturday this week. However this must be supported with rest and recovery so a delivery from one of our sponsors this week was very welcome. CRX Compression Ltd have been kind enough to give us all a set of compression wear for post ride recovery. With 30 years experience CRX supply compression wear which is designed to help my body to recover immediately after my rides, reducing the risk of injuries and improving recovery. It certain works, even though its only been a week I can feel the benefit, less aches and more energy for my next ride.

The week started with a 70 mile bank holiday ride with V-Sprint heading to Tewkesbury then to Bredon Hill where we stopped for lunch at the Kemerton Coffee House, before heading back to Bromsgrove. We were joined for the first 20 miles by Nikki for her first group ride. I helped Nikki with learning to ride with cleats early this year, so it was great to see how she has progressed as her confidence is growing.

Tuesday were the V-Sprint Laps, a short fast paced ride with some challenging hills designed to split the group, so if you are still in touch with the main group at the end you are doing well. Wednesday and Thursday were rest days getting ready for some intensive training at the weekend.

On Thursday night I was invited along to a Institute of Directors social evening at the Grand Hotel in Birmingham. An opportunity to promote the Tour 21 to men and women who are all local business leaders from the Birmingham area. Thanks to Paul Wood of Woodshires business solutions for arranging this for me,

Friday was my first really long and hilly ride since Mallorca. The climbs were not so intense but the mileage was much longer than my Mallorca rides. The total climbing for the day was over 7000 ft. during a ride of 115 miles. Taking 7 hours and 20 minutes – it was a full day in the saddle. It was important to back this up with another long ride on Saturday. So the next afternoon I was back out on the bike revisiting some of the lanes around Bredon Hill that we had ridden on Monday. A shorter ride of 65 miles meant 180 miles in 2 days, and even though it may sound a lot, compared it to the Tour Stages and there is still a lot of work to do.

On Sunday I joined the V-Sprint club and enjoyed a fast steady ride in the early morning sun, finishing at the Ewe & Lamb. As we sat down outside for a coffee there was a loud bang as two cars crashed right outside the pub, my nursing instinct automatically kicked in … I and some of the other riders went to help and made sure everything was OK. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt, although as the experience had shocked some of the drivers and passengers an ambulance was called.

It shows how venerable we all are on the road, especially on bikes and this is one of the reasons that next week we will start our ‘Couch to 50K’ cycle course. Designed for novice or riders who lack confidence to ride on roads, we will demonstrating techniques to keep yourself safe and help improve stamina. There are still places available if anyone wants to join us at 1:00pm Sunday 1st May at the Ewe and Lamb in Bromsgrove.

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