Hi-jacked for Mothers Day

Hi everyone, if you were wanting to hear about our mums training this week, we are sorry but we’ve hijacked mums social media so on Mother’s day we can tell you about our mum. Everyone’s mum is special in their own way and our mum is no different, with everything she does we don’t know how she finds time to fit everything in, but she always makes us feel we are top of the list.

This year, at the age of 60, on top of being a Mother, a Grandmother, and a Nurse she is taking on this massive challenge so she can raise money to help others. We know she’ll do this, she will ride in to Paris, having ridden the whole route of the Tour De France, as when she starts something she doesn’t give up. She will plan and prepare to make sure she is ready and manage to fit this in around everything else she does. We want to help her so if you haven’t donated yet please do it today to celebrate the achievements of mums everywhere .https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jackietdf


Happy Mother’s Day mom, you are one in a million!
I would like to say relax on Mother’s Day but I know that won’t happen and you’ll be on a bike ride enjoying what you like most.

You are my biggest inspiration in life, to be more you. Always kind to anyone you meet, supportive and positive. I hope your day is as special as you are.

I’m proud to be your daughter.


A typical mothers day is spent with tea and lots of cake, but no surprise when it comes to you it is spent on the bike doing what you absolutely love. Very privileged to have a mother so dedicated to a great cause and so inspiring.

Wishing you an extra special day and hope at some point you do put your feet up!

Happy Mothers day from a very proud Son!

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