Wheels come off my training schedule

My Training this week has come to a grinding halt for two reasons. Fortunately I am on schedule, if anything ahead, so losing a week is nothing too serious Even if I weren’t in this position, it wouldn’t have changed the way things turned out this week

On Tuesday my mother, Audrey, celebrated her 91st birthday. Normally super fit, walking a 2 mile loop every day and swimming 40 lengths at least once a week, lately she hasn’t been too well. On Wednesday I took her for some emergency blood tests, and on Thursday she had a large amount of fluid drained from her lungs. Not the Birthday present mum was expecting but the change in her was remarkable, from trying out a small jog in the car park of the hospital to, at home that evening, dancing with her 94 year old boyfriend Leslie. three days of training lost, but weighed up against how mum was now feeling, well worth it.

A short ride on Friday, which felt a little harder than normal which I put down to the windy conditions, on Saturday I woke up having had a restless night, a headache and sore throat. After 2 years of restriction, the world is starting to return to normal, but not for me I’ve tested POSITIVE for COVID. What was worse, last year we couldn’t celebrate mums 90th birthday, so we had arranged a special Birthday meal for her 91st. Family from Oxfordshire and Sheffield coming to celebrate with her, but it would have to go ahead without me. My conditions are mild and as I write the rest of the family are all testing negative, but again making the decision was easy even it the effect on me was hard. The priority is mums health so there was no way I was going near her with COVID.

As she and the family celebrated, I joined via Facetime for the speech, and singing of happy birthday. My phone was pinging all night with the photos that were being sent, Mum looked to be having a great time even getting up to dance. Whilst I couldn’t be there in person, I got to join in with the celebrations on the phone so they and I had a good time. I’ll look forward to her 92nd Birthday party.

Training wise, I’d planned to do the 60 mile Bromsgrove Reliability Challenge, but that was out of the question as will any ride, even on Zwift, until I’m fully recovered from COVID. Apart from not wanting to risk others health by coming in contact with them, I would rather miss a few more rides over the coming days than risk extending my illness.

A frustrating week but at the same time a rewarding week. Mum is not out of the woods yet, but to see some of her zest for life return is worth any amount of missed miles of training.

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  • Micky D , Direct link to comment

    Not all is lost Jackie you got to celebrate in part your moms 91st birthday and as you know rest is good even if you have a tight schedule to keep to. Best of luck to you and Audrey x x

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