Thank you for TWOSDAY

Last Tuesday was known as TWOSDAY- the 22nd day of the 2nd month of the year 2022.

The 22nd of February is always a hard day for me, as it is the day my son Simon lost his battle for life, but I would like to thank everyone who donated following my posts on social media about him. Once again I am a proud mum – Simon is, in his own way, helping me and helping others.

The 22nd of February is the day my sister always texts me with a message of support. An anniversary I can never celebrate, but will always remember. It is a reminder there are no second chances, to take every opportunity that life presents as you may never get that opportunity again.

In the 31 years since Simon passed away, Aplastic Anaemia and blood cancer survival rates have improved year on year, in many cases Children are now 4 times more likely to survive after treatment. You cannot underestimate how important every step is and everyday another step is made towards finding a cure.

Sadly for some whatever we do, it will not be enough; when ever we do it, it will always be too late; and how every much we give it will not be enough; the advances will come too late.

But for others its their second chance at life – For them EVERYDAY is their own special TWOSDAY. Simon didn’t get his TWOSDAY but by donating to Cure Leukaemia you have made sure others do – THANK YOU

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