5000 reasons to Celebrate a New Year

So 2022 is here, which makes the ‘Tour 21’ ride all the more real, no longer am I saying ‘Next year I intend to ride the route of the the Tour de France’, now it is ‘This year I’m going to ride the route of the the Tour de France’. As we entered the new year we had a little bit of a push on the fundraising for Cure Leukaemia, and on New Years Eve my fundraising total went over the £5000 mark, thanks in no small part to the support people gave ‘on behalf of Simon’, I had expected just a few donations, never had I imagined that in 24 hours we would raise £1500 in his name. Thank you to everyone who donated, not only for the money you have given to Cure Leukaemia, but also for making it feel that Simon is also part of my journey.

I’m sure our Christmas was no different than it was for many others. Testing everyday to make sure we could enjoy festivities, last minute changes with COVID playing its part. We were lucky being able to share our Christmas as a family, 20 of us spread across four generations all celebrating together. Bur no sooner is Christmas Day here it is gone and we are in to the New Year.

Yesterday (New Year’s day) was a shift for me at The Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, so no ride, but today my training began. Nothing too different to a normal Sunday though with the V-Sprint Club Run as a short endurance ride. The month ahead is a mixture of long 4-5 hour rides and shorter tempo rides, which require more effort. The mixture of two types of riding is designed to condition the body to ride for a long time and improve my strength. I’ll mix into this some gym sessions and a few swims for recovery.

Each year we traditionally make resolutions for what we might achieve in the year ahead, and look back at what we achieved over the last 12 months. Reaching £5,000 was a big step towards meeting my target of raising £30,000 before I reach Paris, and I hope I look back this time next year having achieved what I set out to do. There is still a lot more to do, the training starts today and the fundraising drive continues.

Thank you to everyone who has donated, and Happy New Year

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