ALPS – Accident, Loops, Puncture & Swim

After last weeks Audax ride, this week was quite steady, with just a few short rides ending with a swim Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday’s ride was Andy’s Benny Hill Loops, a series of short sharp sprints around the roads of Bromsgrove, never more than 5 miles from home but a total ride of 22 Miles. Ideal for strength work and improving my FTP – vital for next year – constantly slowing down for a junction, then sprinting away before slowing for the junction. My ride was OK but for Andy it was not so good; At one roundabout he was hit by driver who failed to look properly. Thankfully his front wheel was the only damage and he was not injured. Wheel replaced, he was back out again the next night.

Thursday night was our Worcester ride, one of my favourites especially if, as we did this week, we all ride as a well formed group, all looking after each other at a pace which pushes our comfort zone, but is manageable. Young Dan had a puncture at the half way point, but we always head out prepared and he fitted a new innertube and we on our way, although Dan was the victim of a few jokes as it took him longer to put his gloves back on than it did to fix the puncture.

Sunday was the normal club ride, a cold start, but no ice. The weather forecast is for much colder conditions in the coming week so I might have to use Zwift next week. It was a tough ride this week, only 40 Miles, but a strong head wind for most of it, with a cold wind chill when we stopped.

I ended the week with a swim at my local David Lloyd club, the outdoor pool was empty so I used that. I’ve swam for a very young age and still like to swim two or three times a week. Next month I’ll have a swim partner for a couple of weeks when my niece Olivia returns home for Christmas. She’s Currently in America where she has a scholarship swimming for Akron university, my friends tell me I’m a good swimmer, Olivia is on another level. For now it was nice to swim in the fresh afternoon air and  relax after what was a steady but eventful week.

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  • Mickyd , Direct link to comment

    Well done Jackie, do you think you might do a few long TT’s in the spring of next year to test your ftp? Let me know if you do. Glad to see andy was ok after his bump. You might want to get some highviz clothing for winter training if your out on those roads. X

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