Mechanical !!

Today’s ride didn’t go as planned, whilst swimming this morning I met up with a friend Chris, we agreed to ride later in the day and go for a coffee. Well that was the plan until my rear derailleur cable broke.

I always make sure I carry an innertube, and tools for those mechanicals, but you can’t carry everything. I’m OK with punctures, once you get the hang of them replacing an inner tube isn’t too hard, in either front or rear wheel. But even with my multitool there was nothing to be done today. As I was close to from home it wasn’t too bad, even though I was stuck in high gear I was able to ride home.

I have to say I felt lucky, during THETOUR21 last year my friend Mike Hopkins had a similar problem when his electronic gears broke, I just had to ride home – he had to suffer with the problem for a couple of the stages until the mechanics could fix his gears, I’m not sure how I’d manage if that happens next year.

Unfortunately Andy couldn’t repair the cable straight away, we keep a fair few spare parts at home but we didn’t have a rear cable for my bike (only a front), so I’ll pick one up tomorrow and be back on the road for Wednesday.

Tomorrow night I’ll be on Zwift, Cure Leukaemia have a ride scheduled at 6:00 pm – “THETOUR21 Tuesday social”, I’ve signed up for that – See you there.

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