Hi, I’m Jackie

Thanks for your interest in me, a retired Nurse and grandmother from Bromsgrove. At the age of 60 I wanted to do something that would help others, and show that age is no boundary when it comes to any challenge that life presents. On Friday 24th June 2022, I and former England footballer and cancer survivor Geoff Thomas were be part of a team of 18 amateur cyclists who took on one of sport’s toughest challenges, the Tour de France, exactly the same route riding one week ahead of the professional race. Our aim was to raise £1,000,000 for national blood cancer charity Cure Leukaemia.

Geoff, as a Leukaemia survivor, and I, as a mother of a child who sadly died from Aplastic Anaemia at just 3, know how devastating blood cancers can be, how one day life can be normal and the next your life, and those of your family and friends, are turned upside down in an instant.  Our team of 18 helped raise the money that Cure Leukaemia needs to invest in the Trials acceleration Programme (TAP) which brings new innovative and life saving medication to the forefront of the fight against blood cancers.

Following retirement from nursing in the NHS for 39 years I wanted to find a way I could continue to help. At the age of 60, I want to show, by riding the route of the worlds most gruelling cycle race, that with the right will and determination all of life challenges are beatable, that Leukaemia is beatable.

The most important thing, is what ever we do, how ever much we give, it will always sadly be too late for some. So don’t wait, act now so Cure Leukaemia can act now.